Silen Weren and another man named Genrot Qwer Noque are at war. They both own their own palaces, armies, and companies. They are fighting over a peice of land - 2319 sq. km. They both wanted it so bad they went to war at each other. They have been fighting for years on end, but both have enough supplies to last even longer! So Silen Weren hired a magician to make his men invincible. When the potion was made Silen took it first. Nothing happened. He was so angry that he slew the magician and went to bed. The next day he awoke with an army of skeletons surrounding his bed, they looked exactly like they had in his dream and they obeyed him! He tried to dream-up better things like giants and dragons, but that's not very likely to dream-up because of the thousands of things that run through your mind. He got some great warriors and some weak ones. Soon Genrot started noticing that skeletons, ponies, pumpkins, and other strange things were starting to attack his palace.     CONTINUED BELOW...

this is a unit scale for the next two sketches to get how big they are. 

 SO... he of course sent a spy to find out why. The spy came back with the rest of the potion, and now they both are having intense dreams... waiting till morning. And trying to kill each other.

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