Dream Wars

Dream Wars is a trading card game that is very creative and has many characters to play and use. It is easy to play and really enjoyable.

 What is this card game? Fun and AWESOME!

If you rated this game from 1 to 10 what would you rate it? 9.8 !

What is the best word for these cards? Creative! This is what people say about this game.

You really need to play this game.  It's Fun, Creative, and AWESOME!

This is David Soke, (left) One of my favorite cards. ----

Contact the creators at galaxyandgolem@gmail.com or at gwbzebra@gmail.com. Thank You. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

OTHER SITES! www.galaxyandgolem.synthasite.com



                            www.eraserbattles.yolasite.com :)



blood.gif blood.gif
Size : 16 Kb
Type : gif
helicopter.gif helicopter.gif
Size : 13 Kb
Type : gif
blood2.gif blood2.gif
Size : 12 Kb
Type : gif
MAN.gif MAN.gif
Size : 4 Kb
Type : gif
Isaac's Man.gif Isaac's Man.gif
Size : 52 Kb
Type : gif
Another Guy..gif Another Guy..gif
Size : 23 Kb
Type : gif
robot.gif robot.gif
Size : 44 Kb
Type : gif

This is where the battles are taking place. SEE STORY...

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